About Our Company:

Asian Fibre exists to deliver the best surgical dressings to our customers across the world. We understand the needs and pains our customers face related to surgical dressings and delivers outstanding satisfaction not only to the user but to the patients as well. Asian Fibre believes in aligning perfect products with medical applications and in working with advanced state of the art technology to meet changing medical requirements.


Our units, situated at Korangi Industrial Area (KIA) Karachi, are well equipped with state of art production systems, process control, and quality checked products. Our team comprises competent and experienced members who put in their efforts to achieve the best results in the production of Cotton Roll, Cotton pre-cut Zig Zag, Cotton Balls, Cotton Gauze Bandages, Cotton Gauze Roll, Absorbent Gauze Swabs/Sponges, Absorbent X-Ray detectable Gauze Swabs/Sponges, Extra-absorbent Cotton-filled Gauze Swabs/Sponges, Cotton Gauze Jumbo Rolls, Cotton Sliver, Cotton Bales etc. All the aspects from scouring, bleaching, finishing and packaging are carried out at the units.

Our Existence:

We have been in this field for 12 years, with a depth of experience and insight deployed in the field of manufacturing pure cotton. We bring new products on a regular basis and help in solving the difficulties of doctors, surgeons, nurses and even patients. We are based in Karachi, and industrial hub of Pakistan, with offices in U.S.A, Dubai & South Africa. We have been in Karachi, an industrial hub of Pakistan, with offices homes, clinics, pharmacies, and even homes through our products. This never ending effort to serve our customer and users in the best possible manner has made us fairly visible on a global level and has developed competence to deliver global quality at a local price.

British Pharmacopoeia Standard:

With the understanding of universal health facts and standards that good cotton must meet international Standards including: Good absorbing capacity, Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching, and Hygienic packing. Asian Fibre has accorded the highest priority to B.P.C. Standard; so that a team of qualified chemists and technicians continuously test the quality on every stage of the manufacturing process. The Company is committed to constant Research & Development to upgrade product quality and to evolve new product variants that will cater to the fast changing needs of the world’s most demanding customers.


“Quality of Experience” is the phrase on which our team works. From the beginning when a customer contacts us till they uses our products we are in constant touch with them. The though which drives all of the team members is that, we will deliver dressings and products which have passed through the greatest levels of precaution, care and quality checks, before they form a part of the healing process of any individual. We believe in stage testing of our products since the very incipient phase. We are not only certified by the Moody International for ISO 9001-2008, but we also proudly claim to be certified by the Ministry of Health of Pakistan.